Calgary Scientific

Calgary Scientific

Calgary Scientific Inc., a leading innovator in advanced visualization solutions and web, mobile and collaboration-enabling platforms, has strategically partnered with Dell to enhance mobility and add advanced web-enabled visualization to Dell’s already robust Unified Clinical Archive solution.

The pairing will provide physicians with real-time, high-performance access to diagnostic images and patient information from wherever they may be. This highly secure and market-leading solution allows the physician to access the information they need to make diagnostic decisions from anywhere, while using tools they know and trust. And because no patient data is ever physically copied or transferred to a mobile device, it remains secure in the data center.

Dell’s vendor-neutral secure cloud archive combined with existing hospital IT infrastructure and desktop, laptop and mobile computing devices can significantly increase productivity while reducing costs by eliminating redundant storage. The addition of Calgary Scientific’s FDA-cleared ResolutionMD software, powered by PureWeb®, enhances Dell’s UCA solution by giving physicians the ability to:
  • Access 2D, MIP/MPR or 3D images on any web-based platform without sacrificing quality or performance, and
  • Consult with other specialists by sharing images in real time through multi-point collaboration.

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