lifeIMAGE is the nation’s largest and most utilized network for sharing medical imaging information. Its services allow physicians, hospitals and patients to securely connect and exchange images, anywhere. lifeIMAGE provides simple workflow for managing exams from discs, receiving exams electronically from any outside source, integrating outside images with local systems, and sharing exams with outside physicians and patients. The network allows individual users and organizations to securely create network profiles, search for one another, and form one-time or persistent associations in order to securely exchange medical information.

The strategic alliance between Dell and lifeIMAGE accelerates the availability of lifeIMAGE network services across hospitals using Dell’s wide-ranging information technology services. This collaboration provides fast-track access to the image exchange services offered by lifeIMAGE and complements the data management and archival solutions offered within Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive (UCA) portfolio. An end-to-end solution includes Dell’s cloud-enabled image management and archival services, and lifeIMAGE’s medical image and information sharing capabilities, all made available under Dell’s flexible, secure and cloud-enabled framework of Unified Clinical Archive.

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