Managed Disaster Recovery

Protect your critical data from natural disasters and equipment failure with our offsite disaster recovery for MEDITECH systems. So when we designed a managed disaster recovery service for MEDITECH hospitals we selected what we believe to be the most robust, most fault tolerant facility in the greater Boston area and equipped it with new, state-of-the-art systems and networking infrastructure.

JSite is the first and only fully managed disaster recovery service designed specifically for MEDITECH hospitals and offered by a preferred MEDITECH integrator. The MEDITECH Solutions Group leverages over 20 years of technology expertise with an exclusive focus on MEDITECH hospitals to create a disaster recovery solution comprised of MEDITECH-certified equipment, fault-tolerant, Tier 4 data center facilities, and a team of MEDITECH specialists to ensure that subscribers' systems will be up and running from the JSite facilities in hours - not days - without requiring customers be present for either testing or recovery after a disaster.

What sets us apart from other disaster recovery service providers is our deep knowledge of MEDITECH, and our commitment to helping customers achieve compliance with regulatory requirements for accessibility of data and continuity of information. In fact, JSite works with each customer to achieve a successful annual test prior to billing.

JSite Fully Managed Disaster Recovery Service Highlights:

  • Two service options: tape-based recovery, or recovery from VTL (virtual tape library) using deduplication technology and secure MPLS
  • A complete disaster recovery solution offering restoration services for non-MEDITECH Enterprise applications
  • Recovery target of within 12 hours for your MEDITECH MAGIC or Client-Server systems - either from the time of declaration (VTL) or the point at which we receive your backup tapes
  • New, state-of-the art, MEDITECH-certified infrastructure including DAS and SAN storage and VTL, DLT, SDLT, AIT, and LTO tape hardware
  • Option to vault your tapes at JSite for instant access and data protection or send when needed - the choice is yours
  • Basic operations support during recovery included, with the option for your IT staff to participate
  • Subscription costs that include all applicable MEDITECH disaster recovery site Operating System licensing fees
  • Complete facility fault tolerance, including N+1 or N+2 power, cooling, telecommunications, and early fire detection
  • A fully managed disaster recovery service offered by a trusted MEDITECH provider with extensive experience in MEDITECH and enterprise application restoration
  • Disaster Recovery Support Services team to help restore services at your facility
  • Scheduled annual testing included
  • Recovery services for all versions of MEDITECH MAGIC and Client/Server
  • Recovery services for all MEDITECH-certified backup configurations