MEDITECH Hosting Solution

Your MEDITECH Healthcare Information System is one of the most critical systems in your hospital. Dell hosting can help you manage the technology, user needs, security requirements and maintenance the system demands? If you answered yes to any of these, the MEDITECH Solutions Group within Dell Services has the solution.

Our MSite managed MEDITECH Hosting Solution provides reliable, secure, cost-effective hosting of MEDITECH applications. The acquisition of JJWild by Dell Services in August of 2007 has created a unique opportunity to leverage the strengths of both companies. Integrating technical architecture enhancements and operational best practices developed by the MEDITECH Solutions Group and MEDITECH with Dell Services hardened data centers and standards-based IT methodologies has allowed us to create a remote hosting service that provides a complete solution for MEDITECH customers.

With MSite, your MEDITECH applications are hosted on state-of-the-art infrastructure, and technical support, maintenance, and periodic technology refreshes for the MEDITECH environment are provided. Options for operational and disaster recovery, remote monitoring, and applications support create a complete, flexible solution to meet the unique needs of your organization. All this for a predictable monthly cost - no surprises.

The MSite Solution can also help MEDITECH customers perform platform migrations and updates without the technology investment that would be required for an in-house data center. We offer a suite of services to assist and support customers with workflow redesign, application optimization, and user training as well.

Maintain control of your MEDITECH environment, control costs, and free your IT staff to provide better end-user support. MSite provides you with the best of both worlds.