Anthro Corporation is a worldwide leader in carts and workstations for all areas of Healthcare, with special emphasis on PACS furniture, EHR Carts and TeleHealth Solutions. Anthro’s workstations provide adjustability and modularity for comfort and ease of use; lifetime warranties for long term value; and maximum stability and strength, because everything is built like a tank. Anthro’s goal is to exceed your expectations at each and every opportunity.

Suggested best sellers include: 

Anthro is internationally known for Carl’s Table and Steve’s Station as the ultimate Radiology workstations, with our patented Monitor Control System®, electrical height and tilt adjustment, and ambient lighting that adjusts to the density of your image. Your radiologist’s long reading day can instantly become more comfortable.

Anthro also offers Elevate—a family of electrically height adjusted tables that provide ergonomic access to PACs hardware.

Anthro’s Zido and POC mobile carts and the wall mounted eNook give you multiple choices for your EHR and TeleHealth challenges.

Our expert team of sales professionals will assist your teams to make sure you are providing the best solution to meet your customers’ needs.

You can expect quick turnaround on every order because everything is made at our Tualatin, Oregon plant. Providing exceptional service since 1984, Anthro will provide the right solution for your healthcare challenge. Contact your Anthro Dell rep at dell@anthro.com, or call 888-880-9221.