From patient admittance to post care services, bar code scanning has revolutionized the way hospitals collect information. Automating manual processes through this technology provides patients with the best care and improves the productivity of any medical team. Bar code scanners provide the accuracy and assurance of collecting the right information the first time, which significantly improves patient safety. In fact, bar code scanning can reduce potential errors during medication administration alone by over 50%. Now, multiply this risk reduction across nearly every healthcare application and imagine the difference.
As healthcare initiatives continue to push organizations towards automatic data capture, Datalogic’s new Gryphon 4000-HC series will play an important role. These readers offer added value with special 'disinfectant-ready’ enclosures featuring silver ion-based antimicrobial additives. Coupled with industry leading sealing ratings, the enclosures can withstand daily cleaning with harsh disinfectant solutions that reduce the spread of germs. With an expanded product life and improved performance, Datalogic offers a complete scanning solution with 1D and 2D corded and cordless HC models.


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