Are you trying to reduce your storage costs and manage your data growth but are limited by your current PACS vendors’ lack of interoperability? DeJarnette’s xDL™, the Cross-Enterprise Document Librarian and the Dell™ DX Object Storage Platform can provide you with a robust, reliable and highly scalable DICOM object archive solution. xDL is a long-term medical document archive that stores medical images, results and other associated documents under a single management entity. You can finally gain control over your historical data by deploying a “vendor-neutral” archive that can be managed effectively by your facility IT staff. The DX Object Storage Platform’s intelligent, peer-scaling architecture enables you to store, manage and distribute digital content effectively and efficiently without locking yourself into a costly, inflexible strategy that won’t fit your long-term needs.

DeJarnette’s xDL and the Dell DX Object Storage Platform can solve your long-term medical image storage problems today by helping you:

  • Minimize migration efforts - leave your historical data under xDL management and take advantage of its intelligent pre-fetch and PACS repopulation capabilities.
  • Increase scalability - add capacity in amounts as small as 1TB scaling up to petabytes and to billions of objects without the set-up and management complexity of traditional file and block storage.
  • Reduce costs - through shared resources, helping end legacy PACS migrations, allowing you to upgrade your storage without impacting your clinical applications, and automated deletion of old, unneeded data through clinical Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).
  • Ensure data integrity - applies checksums to all documents to ensure data integrity and encrypts data prior to transmission on storage to ensure data privacy.

For more information: www.dejarnette.com