Agfa HealthCare delivers informatics solutions to healthcare providers worldwide to help advance improved clinical and IT efficiencies and the safety of care. Agfa HealthCare is committed to an open standards, integrated data approach, and offers a full range of proven, workflow-centric departmental and enterprise imaging solutions, from classic X-ray film to Direct Radiography, advanced Imaging Informatics solutions, and Hospital/Clinical Information systems.

With our ICISTM (Imaging Clinical Information System) workflow-centric services platform, imaging data consolidation is elevated to the enterprise, to drive both clinical advances and IT efficiencies. ICIS promotes quality patient care and improved clinical outcomes by aligning the imaging record with other patient data -- via the EMR. ICIS delivers access to multi-specialty imaging to any point of care, in an intelligent, clinically relevant context.

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Dell and AGFA teaming up to offer a secure cloud-enabled archival solution for medical Imaging

Agfa and Dell executives talk about the relationship between the two organizations for medical image management on Dell Cloud Services. This relationship allows AGFA’s customers to focus on their patients and let Dell handle the technology and security.

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