Dell | Terascala HPC Storage Solution


terascala hpc storage - lustre parallel file system solution

Get fast scratch storage with high speed throughput, management simplicity and robust scalability to deliver results faster, while reducing IT overhead. Designed for the enterprise, the Dell | Terascala® HPC Storage Solution (DT-HSS) allows R&D organizations to focus on innovation rather than the challenges of managing an efficient and robust high-performance storage system.

It is a fully supported, high-performance and cost-effective parallel file system that is easy to deploy, configure and manage. It also scales both in capacity and performance, and provides high-output Lustre® file system-based storage as an appliance.
With performance of up to Peak Sequential Read 10.78 GB/s and Peak Sequential Write 6.09 GB/s per base active/active Object Storage Server pair (240 Disk Configuration), we deliver the performance you need to get the maximum from your high-performance computing infrastructure. The Dell | Terascala HPC storage solution management software simplifies Lustre-based storage management, including managing failover with object and metadata server nodes.


Key features

The Dell | Terascala HPC storage solution has the following features:
  • Complete, pre-configured and tested solution. We provide on-site installation, configuration and customer training to help you minimize deployment time.
  • Advanced management and monitoring. An easy-to-use management interface provides end-to-end management and monitoring for the entire storage system.
  • High data throughput. You get up to Peak Sequential Read 10.78 GB/s and Peak Sequential Write 6.09 GB/s per base active/active Object Storage Server pair (240 Disk Configuration). Performance and capacity can be scaled easily by adding additional OSS pairs.
  • Superior customer support. All the hardware and software (including Lustre) in this solution are fully supported by experienced Dell and Terascala customer support professionals.
  • Choice of configurations and easy scalability. Using a building block approach, this solution can scale from a minimum of 120TB to petabytes of raw capacity in a single namespace.
  • High-availability solutions:
    • OSS/MDS configurations. Select an active/active OSS and active/passive MDS configuration for increased availability and improved performance.
    • Storage arrays. Choose an active/active dual RAID controller run on Dell MD3460 with hot swappable disk drives, redundant power supplies and fans.
A solution that matches your requirements
We can help you to create a high-performance storage solution that fits your budget and meets your requirements for capacity and performance. Key components of the solution include:
  1. Metadata server pair — The metadata server (MDS) stores the file system metadata. The metadata server pair is comprised of two highly available active/passive PowerEdge R630 metadata servers connected to a PowerVault MD3420 with 12TB of raw shared storage. To provide high bandwidth and low latency link for clients to reach user data, each metadata server provides FDR InfiniBand™ or 10Gbps Ethernet connectivity for clients. The MDS pair provides a single namespace for the user data stored in one or more object storage servers.
  2. Object storage server pair — The object storage server (OSS) stores the user data. The OSS pair is comprised of two highly available active/active PowerEdge R630 object storage servers that are connected to two PowerVault MD3460 storage enclosures. You can increase performance by adding more OSS pairs. Augment capacity by adding PowerVault MD3060e disk enclosures to each OSS pair. Capacity is scalable from 120TB (raw capacity) to a maximum of 960TB per OSS pair.
  3. Terascala management solution — The Terascala Management Solution (TMS) provides the software interface, monitoring and management agents, and a file system that simplifies the ongoing support for the overall storage solution. Terascala’s Rapid Failover technology uses monitoring agents to detect error conditions that require failover. This monitoring ensures that failovers occur quickly when needed. But the TMS also ensures that failovers do not occur unless they are needed, which is just as important. Built-in notifications deliver an email directly to administrators when issues occur. With a single point of view to all the solution components, even system administrators without extensive parallel file system experience can manage and maintain this storage appliance easily.


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