Rack Servers

PowerEdge Rack Servers: Performance, Efficiency, Versatility

We understand that applications are the lifeblood of your operations. Your IT infrastructure must respond to a changing landscape driven by pressures like user demands, data growth, security and compliance. Dell PowerEdge rack servers deliver the performance, efficiency and versatility you need to scale smarter, manage more efficiently, and innovate faster.

Workload acceleration
Enhance your virtualization environments, accelerate applications and step up high-performance computing capabilities in your IT environment. PowerEdge rack servers all deliver finely tuned performance, because each is designed with carefully balanced memory, IO and internal storage options. Our rack servers help you accelerate your workloads with dense designs, highly flexible internal Flash storage options, expanded GPU and accelerator card support, and the latest Intel processors.

Management efficiency
PowerEdge rack servers give you the benefit of our innovative agent-free management. Based on the intelligence of our powerful iDRAC (integrated Dell remote access controller) with Lifecycle Controller embedded right into each server, our systems management capabilities help you more easily deploy, monitor, manage and maintain servers across their entire life-cycles, with much greater automation and ease-of-use.

And our next generation rack servers make systems management easier than ever before with features like:
  • Zero touch deployment that automatically retrieves predefined configuration settings and applies them to bare-metal servers
  • iDRAC Direct for fast, local server deployments
  • OpenManage Mobile for round-the-clock remote access from your smart device
Versatile platforms
Now you can easily deliver business insights in today’s real-time environment. PowerEdge rack servers bring you the flexibility to choose servers that are right-sized for your specific IT operation and applications. They give you scalable designs so you can grow your operational capacity, while preserving your initial infrastructure investment.

Learn more about our PowerEdge Rack Server portfolio here. Or, if you want to know more about the rack servers right for your enterprise, talk to a Dell expert.