Dell Consulting Services
  • Receive a complete analysis of your current UNIX infrastructure 
  • Evaluate how the migration will affect your applications and verify their performance on Linux
  • Develop a return on investment report to present to executive management to secure funding

Discover the Benefits of an Open-Source Platform

Migrating to a Linux® platform can help you cut costs, simplify IT and take advantage of new technologies, but you need to address some critical questions before initiating any major migration project. For instance:

  • Do you have a thorough understanding of your current infrastructure?
  • Will you need to invest in all-new servers and applications?
  • How much will be the migration cost and is there a way to guarantee a good return on your investment?

Make sure you've got the bases covered with a UNIX® to Linux Migration Assessment from Dell Services. 

How It Works

Starting with a consultative session with your key stakeholders, our team determines if your applications are certified to run on Linux. We then perform an assessment of virtualization capabilities and develop a total cost of ownership/return on investment (ROI) analysis.

Next, we examine all application dependencies within your existing environment to determine which applications or infrastructure components would perform better if modernized, ported, virtualized — or left as is. Throughout the process, we conduct an ongoing risk/trend analysis to confirm that our recommendations make sense for you.

The UNIX to Linux Migration Assessment includes:

  • Executive summary of your current infrastructure with a detailed roadmap based on your stated goals and capabilities
  • Introduction to the Dell migration methodology 
  • Complete basic ROI/cost-savings analysis with relevant and actionable data
  • Estimate of effort needed for complete migration and porting of applications
  • Risk assessment by weight and probability for all risks associated with migration, plus a mitigation strategy
  • Performance benchmark testing of your applications on the new platform