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  1. Alienware Laptops

    Alienware Laptops and Alienware Graphics Amplifier

  2. Contract Selection South Dakota

    The pricing in the state store listed below is reflective of WSCA | NASPO Contract # B27160. Please include the State Contract Number 15699 and Contract Code WN28ACA on all Purchase Orders.

  3. Coming of age: the new economics of 100GbE

    As processor speeds increase and cores continue to grow, the need for faster transfer of data to and from the local fabric is also accelerating. Until recently, 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GbE) networking has been dedicated largely to client connections to service provider networks such as research centers and telecom carriers. Now, 100GbE is poised to fill the need for faster data transfer more affordably and in a wider range of organizations than ever before.

  4. CCTMark

    Regulatory overview “Government information systems must use appropriate security products and services which have a minimum assurance of the CCT Mark,” according to the Central Sponsor for Information Assurance (CSIA) in the United Kingdom. Awarded by the CESG, the National Technical Authority, certification for the CCTM provides a Government quality mark for the public and private sectors based on accredited, independent testing. The award is designed to prove the validity of security functionality claims made by vendors. Simply put, the CCTM helps assure public bodies that an IT product or service does “what it says on the box”.

  5. Broadcom 5719 Quad Port 1GbE Blade Mezz

    Broadcom 5719 Quad Port 1GbE Blade Mezz

  6. Active System 1000 with VMware vSphere Reference Architecture

    Dell™ Active Infrastructure is a family of converged infrastructure solutions that combine servers, storage, networking, and infrastructure management into an integrated and optimized system that provides general purpose virtualized resource pools.

  7. 2013-sjtu-100124806

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China pioneers innovative educational multimedia practices by delivering high-speed network switches across 400 classrooms

  8. Contract Selection Louisiana

    Access information about your state’s contracts with Dell

  9. Contract Selection Kansas

    Access information about your state’s contracts with Dell

  10. MD3 Dynamic Disk Pools

    The DDP feature dynamically distributes data, spare capacity, and protection information across a pool of disk drives. These pools may range in size from a minimum of 11 drives to potentially as large as of all of the drives in the PowerVault MD3 storage system including the expansion units. In addition to creation of a single Dynamic Disk Pool, storage administrators may opt to create traditional disks in conjunction with Dynamic Disk Pools or even multiple Dynamic Disk Pools, providing an unprecedented level of flexibility. This technical report provides a technical overview of the DDP feature as well as providing best practice guidance for usage.