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  1. Power Budgeting Protection Mechanisms in the PowerEdge Server Portfolio

    15 May 2013

    Learn about the power budgeting protection mechanisms available in Dell PowerEdge 12th-generation servers. Discover how you can ensure that the power consumption of your server remains within its available power capacity while protecting your data.

  2. Understanding Data Center Power Usage Effectiveness

    01 May 2012

    Use the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric from The Green Grid to help measure energy efficiency in your data center and learn how Dell is optimizing power use of servers to help improve efficiency in the data center.

  3. Chiller-less Facilities: They May Be Closer Than You Think

    14 Jun 2011

    Reduce operational, capital and environmental costs related to cooling by using economizers and chiller-less facility designs. To consider going chiller-less, you must ensure that IT equipment can withstand high temperatures. Learn how Dell can help.

  4. The cost bleed: how legacy layouts drain savings in the data center

    29 Jul 2010 By : Pam Baker

    Many enterprises think going green is a matter of doling out greenbacks for all new energy-saving equipment. To get full benefit from all that shiny new equipment, you'd better be paying a lot of attention to the data center layout itself.

  5. The smart electrical grid: three likely effects on IT

    29 Jul 2010 By : Pam Baker

    Until recently energy costs were of no concern to CIOs; they were the COO's problem. But as energy costs continue to climb and technology increasingly adds to the demand, CIOs are moving closer to the hot seat with every new project decision.

  6. Cutting data center costs: Is it about to get more difficult?

    27 Jul 2010 By : Diann Daniel

    Those data center power, cooling, and space problems you’ve been having? Take a deep breath and start strategizing — because they’re about to get worse. Gartner predicts data center power, cooling and space problem are worsening.

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