Data Center Virtualization for Federal Government

Developing a successful virtualization plan

Virtualization seems like a straightforward concept — create virtual versions of servers, networking infrastructure, storage and applications and pool them together to gain efficiencies. In theory, virtualization promises federal agencies a number of benefit
  • Reduce costs
  • Consolidated and simplified operation
  • Enablement of cloud solutions 
  • Reduced power and space requirements
  • Better utilization of hardware 
  • Elimination of system sprawl 
  • Improved IT speed and flexibility 
But in practice, developing an end-to end virtualization plan for your specific agency can quickly turn these promises into new challenges — hardware limitations, virtual machine sprawl, decentralized management, unsecured and nonstandard virtual machines and complex hybrid environments.

Let our experience guide you to a successful virtualization implementation with these key steps:
    Optimize the base infrastructure with purpose-built features and technologies specifically designed to enhance virtualized infrastructures. 
  • Converge infrastructure management functions to blend physical and virtual management into the your current, familiar console.  
  • Further optimize infrastructure by giving you tools that provide the data necessary to understand performance, problem and capacity trends. 
  • Ensure that you can protect and secure your infrastructure and data in a way that doesn’t create unnecessary silos. 
  • Provide the tools and services to deliver IT as a service safely and securely, whether on-premise as a private cloud or in a public cloud infrastructure.  
Find out where your IT department is in the virtualization journey and learn about our virtualization solutions:
  • Software – Workload, security and management
  • Services – Virtualization, business continuity and disaster recovery, IT and application transformation, and cloud – Virtualization, business continuity and disaster recovery, IT and application transformation, and cloud
  • Hardware – Virtualized servers, storage and networking
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