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The conditions in today’s financial markets are pushing the limits of your current technologies. Algorithmic trading is conducted at unprecedented speeds. On traditional trading floors, conventional technology is struggling to meet demands for security, graphics rendering and reliability. Mobile is exploding, coupled with cloud migration and new-technology adoption by your competitors. Regulators are requiring strict guidelines for internal governance and risk management. As a result, investment firm IT is in a constant state of refresh.

We’ve been serving financial services customers since our inception. With our acquisition of Perot Systems in 2009, we solidified not only our position in the financial industry, but also our ability to offer targeted solutions to your problems. We can help you migrate away from inefficient, disparate legacy systems and deploy a renewed architecture that will enable your organization to scale with the times, cultivate a better customer experience and beat your competition to market.

Your securities IT solutions should help you achieve these goals:
  • Boost performance – Lower system latencies, increase transaction speeds, minimize downtime for traders and enhance performance of your applications and databases.
  • Mine your data – Store and analyze huge amounts of unstructured data to derive the most value from your IT systems.
  • Drive efficiencies – Manage costs around every aspect of infrastructure — initiate changes that drive growth, deliver client value and equip a cost-effective workforce.
  • Renew client focus – Shift emphasis from complex product innovation to richer customer relationships —sharpen your ability to capture and analyze client information to build and maintain a solid client base.
  • Manage risk – Implement security and compliance readiness in your IT environment today to accommodate tomorrow’s unforeseeable needs. Take a proactive stance in preparing for risk and changing regulations.
Contact a Dell financial markets expert to discover securities IT solutions that are purpose-built to help your firm surge past your competition.
  1. EDGE Marketplace core software engine

    Capture derivatives markets with our OTC-optimized electronic trading solution, which is built on software from our partner Baymarkets™. The powerful EDGE software framework uses open API, based on the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol.

  2. Core advisory engine and tablet applications

    Extend rich and collaborative financial planning delivery to multiple channels. Keep your existing back-end system while providing the mobility that advisors need for face-to-face client consulting.

  3. Performance assessment

    Find out how your specific databases' performance metrics could improve with the adoption of the high-performance solution. Contact us to discuss whether your organization qualifies for a no-cost, no-obligation on-site assessment.

  4. STAC M3 benchmark results

    Review the STAC-M3 test results assessing operational performance with a large storage of market data using our High-Performance Database Solution. (Registration required.)

  5. Blog: A tale of two benchmarks, for STAC-M3 and kdb+

    Read about the release of the STAC-M3 benchmark results from the publisher of www.low-latency.com

  6. Data center deployment

    Use on-site server deployment and remote storage setup to accelerate production and optimize data center performance with minimal disruption and cost.

  7. Dell Solution Centers

    Schedule a proof-of-concept session to see the Dell High-Performance Database Solution in action. Break some benchmark records of your own by running the appliance against your actual data.

  8. Article: Kove is the fastest STAC-M3 ever recorded in 14 of 17 tests

    Read this Newswire release describing the record-breaking benchmark results of the High-Performance Database Solution. "Faster access to information means faster time…to profitability…" states Dell Sales VP Bob Barris.

  9. Kove XPD L2 DRAM storage disk and controller

    Discover more about the XPD L2, which delivers I/O (input/output) up to 28.5GB/sec bandwidth and 11.7 million sustained and random I/O operations per second (IOPS), without degradation due to wear or low disk space.

  10. Dell PowerEdge blade servers

    Learn more about the Dell PowerEdge blade servers that drive our database solution. A purpose-built blade server boosts performance with minimal space and power consumption in your data center.

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