Help Me Choose: Absolute Computrace

• The Computrace® Complete product by Absolute® Software allows you to centrally manage your IT assets within a single interface — the Absolute Customer Center — where you can identify any computers that have gone missing, enforce software policies and maintain a fleet of optimally running devices.
• In the event of loss or theft, Computrace can help you recover your computer.
  • Manage
    Monitor and manage all of your IT assets within the Absolute Customer Center (regardless if a device is on or off your network).

  • Protect
    In the event of loss or theft, remotely delete all sensitive information and generate reports to prove your compliance with government and corporate regulations.

  • Recover
    Report a theft and engage the Absolute Theft Recovery Team that will work with local law enforcement to recover your property.

  • Guaranteed!
    Receive up to $1000, if Absolute is unable to recover your computer.


  • Asset Administration
    The Absolute Customer Center is a cloud-based interface where you can manage your entire deployment regardless if a device is on or off your network. Collect incredibly accurate and comprehensive information from each device, then create customized policies and alerts, so you can be notified as soon as an unauthorized change is detected. Asset information includes user identification, physical location and the installation of software/hardware that may not comply with government and corporate regulations.

  • Data and Device Security
    Remotely delete sensitive data on missing computers and produce an audit log of the deleted files to prove compliance with government and corporate regulations. Device Freeze allows you to freeze a computer and display a custom message to the user instructing them to comply with specific requests for action (return for servicing, validate user identity, etc.). Remote File Retrieval allows you to obtain files from a device even if it is not within your control.

  • Geotechnology
    Use Global Positioning System (GPS) (if the device is equipped with a receiver) or WiFi technology to track your assets on an internet map including current and historical locations. Build predefined areas (geofences) and receive alerts if a condition occurs such as a device remaining outside a boundary beyond a set measure of time. Use the physical location of a device to investigate and determine if further action is required.

  • Theft Recovery
    If your computer is stolen, the Absolute Theft Recovery team will work with local police to locate it and return it to you. We recover thousands of computers each year.

  • Service Guarantee
    You will be eligible to receive up to $1000, if we are unable to recover your computer or perform the data delete service. Some conditions apply.

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