Help Me Choose: Dual Monitors

Dual Monitor Solutions: Recommended to increase productivity and enhance capabilities within a business.
          1)  Easily drag items from one display to another
          2)  Get on task faster and complete work quicker
          3)  Get more done with fewer errors
          4)  Identify and fix errors more quickly
          5)  Easily reference documents on one display while working on the other


Benefits of a Dual-Monitor Setup
Jumping between applications and windows with a mouse click or keyboard command takes a small amount of time. Small delays add up, however, when you repeat them tens or hundreds of times per day. Dual-monitor setups allow you to move easily between applications and provide you with more screen space to help reduce these types of delays and improve overall productivity.

According to a 2007 Jon Peddie Research study, multidisplay systems can result in a 42 percent increase in productivity. Dell E-Family port replicators, laptop stands and external-monitor offerings can provide various options in setting up a multiple-display workspace quickly and easily.

Using Dual Monitors to Expand Your Workspace

Create Faster —
When editing photos or creating marketing materials, you can set up your first monitor as the workspace and use the second to display tool palettes and image thumbnails. You can even scale images across both monitors for a close-up view or leave an original copy of an image or document open in one window while making changes to it in the other.

Multitask Better — You can attend to email and keep your inbox open on one monitor while working in another application or browsing the internet in a second monitor.

Browse Easier — If you’re making a purchase online, dual monitors can help you make product comparisons without having to shift back and forth between web browsers.