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Help Me Choose: Dust Protection

Meet the needs of your unique environment with customized Dell™ OptiPlex™ XE accessories. The OptiPlex XE accessories have been specifically designed to be used with either the XE desktop or small form factor (SFF).

You can find additional details on installation and maintenance of your OptiPlex XE accessories at the following site:


Dust Protection Accessories

Dust Filter
Protect your system from environmental elements with an optional dust filter that can be cleaned and/or replaced to promote a clean operating environment for your system (supports operating temperature of up to 113°F/45°C).

IP51 Kit
The IP51 protection kit is an optional system encasing designed to meet Ingress Protection level 51 specification for dust and water droplet protection (supports operating temperature of up to 104°F/40°C).

The IP51 kit is available on desktop (DT) and small form factor (SFF). It does not allow access to optical drive and front 2 USB port, and cannot be used with PCI add-in cards on DT and SFF or PCI riser on DT.

yesCan be used togetherNoCannot be used together

AccessoryIP51 KitDust FilterAir Duct KitSFF Cable CoverMounting Bracket
IP51 Kit-NoNoNoyes
Dust FilterNo-Noyesyes
Air Duct KitNoNo-Noyes
SFF Cable CoverNoyesNo-yes
Mounting Bracketyesyesyes--