Help Me Choose: Venue Pro

Your mobile device is a reflection of who you are. If you’re a professional on the go, you want the ability to teleconference from your hotel room, run large business applications and charge your device no matter where you are. If you’re a student with a busy social life, you want to be able to listen to music, share photos with your friends, watch videos, and run lots of games and apps. No matter who you are, your ideal Dell mobile device and accessories are right around the corner.
  • Cases — Your phone is your essential companion. Help prevent possible damage with one of the stylish cases available from Dell. Clip it to your belt, throw it in your purse or laptop bag and rest easy knowing that your mobile device is safe and secure
  • Power — Keep your device charged and ready for your busy day with a range of power adapters that let you plug in wherever you are
    • Car chargers — Give your phone a boost while you’re on the road. With a convenient car charger, you can plug in to your dashboard or power supply and charge on the go
    • Wall chargers — Whether you’re at home, at the office or anywhere, you can find an outlet, you can keep your device charged and ready to go. Many wall chargers feature USB-to-USB connectivity, so you can even charge directly from your computer
  • Bluetooth headsets — With a Bluetooth headset, you can use your cell phone to talk hands-free. Choose from a wide range of headsets — from a universally compatible model to a full stereo headset that lets you stream music from your mobile device. Say goodbye to wind noise, echoes and other distracting noises that you may encounter when you use a cell phone. Many Bluetooth headsets use dual microphone technology, which filters out such noise while you talk and listen
  • Batteries — Don’t be caught without enough power to make your important calls. Get peace of mind with an extra battery pack so you’ll never be out of touch