Help Me Choose: Venue Pro

Your mobile device is a reflection of who you are. If you’re a professional on the go, you want the ability to teleconference from your hotel room, run large business applications and charge your device no matter where you are. If you’re a student with a busy social life, you want to be able to listen to music, share photos with your friends, watch videos, and run lots of games and apps. No matter who you are, your ideal Dell mobile device and accessories are right around the corner. 



Memory is the measure of how much storage space you have on your smartphone device. Whether you’re downloading a new ringtone, viewing important business documents, running applications, or taking photos and videos during your family vacation, you’ll appreciate the variety of memory options available to suit your needs.

  • 8GB*— Casual phone users who may want to take some pictures of friends and family, listen to music and customize ringtones will be satisfied with 8GB of memory.
  • 16GB* — For those who frequently text and transfer documents, music and photos, and for professionals looking to run mobile office applications, 16GB will suit average storage needs.