Cherry Keyboards

Cherry's newly expanded POS keyboards feature customizable color keycaps to allow for easy visual recognition of common functions. This reduces transaction time and helps train new employees and results in faster transactions — and happier customers.

Cherry Keyboard

SPOS QWERTY keyboard

This multifunctional, compact USB keyboard features enhanced key layout, an optional magnetic card reader, and an optional touch pad used for POS and commercial applications. The SPOS keyboard is compatible with the OptiPlex™ XE integrator.


Full QWERTY key layout in compact 14" form factor combines maximum space efficiency with uncompromised alphanumeric data entry.

  • Enhanced US 135/123 position key layout
  • Robust product design with IP 54 spill and dust-resistant key field for harsh environments
  • Plug- and- play- configuration for all common POS features
  • High-performance three-track magnetic stripe reader with freely programmable headers and terminators for each
  • Optional touch pad and biometric reader for added functionality

Cherry Keyboard Image

Compact 104-key USB 2.0 keyboard with 3-track magnetic card reader

The compact 104-key USB 2.0 keyboard incorporates the functions of a keyboard and magnetic stripe card reader into a single data input system. This keyboard combines optimum space efficiency with efficient alphanumeric data entry.


  • Key layout in a compact 16" form factor
  • Integrates a high-performance three-track magnetic stripe reader
  • Includes 43 programmable keys for easy layout configuration and quick function calls
  • Cherry Tool software allows quick product set up and configuration
  • Suitable for POS and point of transaction/service applications
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