Customization Services

Solutions customized to meet your exact needs

By building your solution with Dell and Intel, you can take advantage of our unique ability to customize your solution in factory, for faster and more affordable time to market.

Working with the Dell-embedded program, you can utilize Dell-trusted hardware and services as part of your product — giving you a starting point that’s well down the road toward a final solution. Our long-life products offer component-level stability, durable design, harsh-environment accessories and advanced system-management capabilities, so you can get your product exactly the way you need it.

OEM server appliance branding

OEM server appliance branding You worked hard to develop your solution, so make sure it looks as if it was designed and built by you. Select from an array of branding options for your Dell PowerEdge server — including OEM Ready, OEM Express, OEM Plus and OEM Custom. Regardless of which you choose, you receive a tier 1 server platform with regulatory certifications and Dell services and support for Dell OEM Solutions.

OEM software branding

 When it comes to customizing your solution, personalizing the system behavior beneath the hardware is a key element. Choose from three different tiers of options: Express Tier for basic rebranding needs with quicker turnaround time; Professional Tier for many select BIOS settings customization; and Premium Tier for a robust customization of advanced settings and system behavior.

OEM Ready program

 Sometimes, staying ahead of the competition means getting to market fast with a unique idea. With the Dell OEM Ready program, you can quickly customize standard platforms and server appliances to display the look and feel you want to bring to market. By replacing Dell logos and labels from the external hardware and software BIOS with your own, you can quickly get tier 1 original technologies in your own solutions — custom branded and ready to go.

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