1. Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller H730P

    Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller H730P

  2. Dell Storage Networking I/O Guide

    10 Feb 2016

    A complete overview of Dell storage I/O connectivity options.

  3. PowerEdge T630 Workload Workhorse Delivers Storage and Performance

    Tailor your tower to your workloads Accelerate demanding workloads with the powerful and flexible PowerEdge T630 2-socket tower server, a member of the 13th generation of PowerEdge servers.

  4. PowerEdge R730xd with SanDisk DAS Cache Delivers 6x the Performance

    Principled Technologies: PowerEdge R730xd SQL Consolidation with SanDisk DAS Cache

  5. PowerEdge R730XD With SanDisk DAS Cache Delivers 6x The Performance

    Maximize server-based storage flexibility and performance with the remarkable PowerEdge R730xd, part of the new 13th generation of PowerEdge servers. The R730xd offers an optimal balance of storage utilization, performance and cost with an optional in-server hybrid storage configuration that can support tiering and capacity for up to 28 drives in a 2S/2U system, including up to 18 x 1.8" SATA SSDs.

  6. PowerEdge Server Porfolio

    The 13th generation of PowerEdge servers represents Dell’s most advanced lineup of rack, tower and converged infrastructure platforms and is designed for the widest range of web, enterprise and hyperscale applications. Delivering new levels of flexibility, efficiency and performance.

  7. Benefits of PCIe Express Flash

    Virtualization and the explosion of IOPs (input/output per second)-intensive applications for SAP, Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server®, big data analytics, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and many others drive near real-time analysis and an appetite for performance that has to be fed by flash-based solid state devices (SSDs). Subsequently, the industry is seeing a growing number of organizations deploying flash-based solid-state storage solutions as these drives provide faster access to data, resulting in an increase in performance and lower latency, and because demand for these devices is changing the economics of flash storage.

  8. TBR Organizations are Improving Workload Performance with Server side Cache

    When implemented properly, server-side cache can improve performance of critical workloads. Research from Technology Business Research Inc. (TBR) revealed that many organizations report greater satisfaction with workload performance of servers equipped with server-side cache, which deliver faster response times and shorter wait times for data.

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