1. Solution Brief: Healthcare

    Meeting healthcare IT requirements with the Dell XC Web-scale Converged Appliance

  2. Overview of Web-scale Infrastructure

    A key tenet in the design of massively scalable systems is ensuring that each participating node manages only a bounded amount of the overall system, independent of cluster size. Accomplishing this requires that no master node is responsible for maintaining all data and metadata in the clustered system.

  3. Virtualization with Dell EqualLogic PS6210XS Hybrid Arrays: Benchmarking with VMware

    The paper shows that Dell EqualLogic PS6210XS hybrid arrays are an excellent platform for virtualization. The array achieved an impressive VMware VMmark score of 14.80@12 tiles when tested for virtualization efficiency.

  4. Technical Brief: System Performance

    Dell XC Web-scale Converged Appliance powered by Nutanix software

  5. Technical Brief: System Reliability

    Dell XC Web-scale Converged Appliance powered by Nutanix software

  6. Privacy Regulation Compliance with Dell PowerVault Tape Libraries

    Library-managed LTO hardware encryption on Dell™ PowerVault™ tape automation libraries

  7. Optimize your business-critical workloads with Dell EqualLogic PS Series

    A profusion of data flowing into and across the modern enterprise fuels today’s mission-critical applications and influences strategic decision making. However, the rampant data growth combined with evolving demands of diverse application workloads is straining budgets and hindering IT productivity.

  8. MD1400 and MD1420 Spec Sheet

    Dell Storage introduces the latest technology in the MD Series of direct-attach storage enclosures designed to maximize your server storage capacity. The MD1400 and the MD1420 offer low-cost storage expansion with double the bandwidth using 12Gbps SAS connectivity to support your growing application workloads.

  9. PowerEdge T630 Solutions Brief

    Customers of all sizes consulted with Dell, stating their requirements for a powerful and versatile rackable tower server that provides peak two-processor performance, huge internal storage capacity, and extensive configuration flexibility to adapt to a wide range of demanding workloads.

  10. Scale-out and scale-up flash storage: optimizing business-critical workloads

    The proliferation of mobile applications, social networking, business applications and analytics —combined with exponential data growth — is driving the need for faster processing with high I/O performance and reduced response times. For all of its benefits, a storage solution that applies a common disk medium across multiple, diverse applications cannot deliver appropriate response times, sometimes sacrificing performance for economy. While flash storage is the leading technology for turbocharging I/O-intensive applications by delivering low latencies and ultra-fast response times, it’s less cost-efficient for cold data.

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