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  1. Dell Data Protection External Media Edition

    Many organizations are already protecting data on endpoint systems but may not have a solution to safeguard data stored on external media. This leaves a critical security gap that could compromise intellectual property as well as customer and employee data.

  2. Dell Data Protection | BitLocker Manager

    Simple, comprehensive, enterprise-level management and audit capabilities for Microsoft® BitLocker.

  3. Secure data with intelligent encryption from Dell

    Protect information on any device and in the cloud with data-centric endpoint encryption from Dell. Our multi-key architecture liberates administrators and end users, allowing people to work together without exposing confidential information.

  4. Strengthen security through a persistent connection to your endpoints

    06 Jan 2016

    Absolute® DDS complements Data Security Solutions from Dell by addressing risks such as lost and stolen devices, rogue employees, and end user error. Absolute protects your business, allowing you to access and secure devices on and off network.

  5. Dell Data Security Solutions robust backup and fast recovery for your endpoints

    19 Oct 2015

    Endpoint Recovery is a Windows-based backup and recovery solution designed for small business users to backup data from their notebooks, desktops, and tablets to greatly reduce the risk of data loss from system failure or user error.

  6. DDP Hardware Crypto Accelerator

    Ever-changing security threats and regulatory environments are driving organizations to keep finding the best ways to protect data. But considering the bigger picture of overall business health and the resulting end-user productivity, any security solution must boast cost-effectiveness, ease of management and seamless deployment.

  7. Dell Data Protection Encryption Solution Overview

    26 Feb 2015

    As organizations grapple with securing endpoint devices, consumerization, globalization and workforce mobility are creating new challenges. Meanwhile, all you have to do is look at the headlines to see that threats are more coordinated and coming faster.

  8. All-Around Data Security for Small Businesses and Organizations

    01 Aug 2014

    Learn how Dell Data Protection Personal Edition helps small businesses keep their data and their customers’ data secure.

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