AlertFind Enterprise Notification

Enterprise notification made easy

To effectively run your business, you need to quickly communicate with your employees, vendors and partners. Whether you need to alert IT personnel about a system outage that needs to be addressed, tell employees where to go while managing multiple job sites or inform a vendor about the need for a part that is running in short supply, getting the information quickly into the hands of necessary parties is a critical business need. Maintaining and managing an effective enterprise communication platform, however, is not an easy task.

One-way mass communication options (such as email blasts or phone banks) are inefficient, unreliable, cumbersome to manage and don’t provide the ability to manage responses. In addition, a traditional on-premise solution — which depends on your own infrastructure, email servers and telephony systems — can fail just when you need it most.

AlertFind, an enterprise notification system from Dell, can simplify this entire process. It provides automated message delivery and response tracking using multiple communications channels such as voice calls, emails, two-way SMS, paging notifications and faxes. Hosted by Dell and delivered as a subscription-based service, AlertFind does not require any investment in hardware or software. Best of all, it works even if your systems are down.
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