Application Re-architecture Technology

Combine best practices with the best technology for a smooth re-architecture project

How do you eat an elephant? The answer: one bite at a time. Application modernization projects can seem overwhelming in the face of monolithic lines of legacy code, rapidly changing industry standards and thinning IT resources. Dell’s unique suite of products, built specifically for application re-architecture, helps businesses facilitate the modernization process. That means your company can get up to speed faster and running to market.

Dell’s re-architecture services foster collaboration between all stakeholders – from CEO to developer – reducing the risk, time and complexities associated with application modernization. Our approach to application re-architecture captures, rationalizes and streamlines your IT portfolio’s business logic, data and application usage by means of a fit-for-purpose toolset: the Dell Re-architect Suite. This solution doesn’t just modernize the code, it also migrates the data — assuring that all of the features your organization depend on remain intact and complete.

The Dell Re-architect Suite consists of the following technology:

  • The Dell Repository provides an environment for managing requirements and assets allowing Dell to reduce risk and accelerate timelines to deliver a modernized system
  • The Dell Analyzer reverse engineers requirements by capturing how users actually use the software and discovering the connections between application functionality, code and data in an interactive and collaborative environment.
  • The Dell Designer creates modern application models based on legacy requirements discovered with Dell Analyzer, and incorporates necessary enhancements.
  • The Dell Code Generator generates code from Dell Designer into a service-based architecture, designed to boost productivity and quality.
  • The Dell Data Workbench allows for the design and frequent migration of data throughout the project.

Get started with Dell’s Re-architect Suite to facilitate a worry-free application modernization project.

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