Insurance Administrative Services

Improve the agility of your policy administration

Recent economic trends and changing global regulations have insurance organizations like yours rethinking business as usual. With outsourced insurance administration services from Dell, you can become more efficient and competitive while staying ahead of escalating costs.

With the LifeSys™ policy administration platform from the Dell insurance experts, you’ll benefit from our decades of experience administering life insurance, annuity and specialty health policies. Drawing upon rich industry functionality that optimizes the administrative process, you’ll increase your organization’s agility by improving processes at every point of a policy’s lifecycle, including:
  • New Business Processing: Scanning, indexing, application data capture, underwriting and support, requirements ordering and receipt, 1035 processing, replacement processing, and policy issuance and more
  • Call Center: Support for producers and policy holders, as well as concierge services for your top-tier producers
  • Policyholder Services: Data management, contract administration, policy reissues and reinstatements, financial processing, annual/quarterly statements, correspondence and more
  • Commissions Processing: Agent hierarchies, commission calculations and payment processing, commissions reporting and accounting
  • Policy Accounting: Premium billing and reconciliations, reinsurance accounting and more
  • Claims Administration: Claims data capture, review, adjudication and claims payment
Learn more about Dell Services’ LifeSys platform and Dell insurance services to discover how to unify your policy administration operations on a single, comprehensive system.

Benefits of Insurance Administrative Services include:

  • What if you could enhance processing speed and accuracy while improving transparency and reducing costs?
  • What if you could improve the performance of your closed and open blocks of business?
  • What if you could refocus your limited resources on key strategic initiatives and bring new products to market more quickly?
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