Dell Business Process Management Suite

Streamline governance and improve process outcomes

As you strive to do more with less, you need to improve productivity without jeopardizing regulatory compliance. You also want more control and transparency than most traditional outsourcing can provide.

With Dell Services, you get comprehensive workflow and knowledge management, customized reporting and the tools to drive greater productivity and better outcomes from your outsourced team.

With the Dell Business Process Management Suite, you’ll have access to the following features:

  • Workflow tool that enables effective work allocation and distribution, adapted to your environment
  • Client portal that improves reporting, collaboration and transparency between you and your outsourced team
  • Knowledge management tool to effectively manage and control policies, procedures and business rule changes
  • Dashboards that provide instant access to process health indicators and enable continuous improvement
  • Productivity Improvement Toolkit that applies established best practices in automation to improve productivity, business rule

Benefits of Dell Business Process Management Suite include:

  • What if you could deploy a fully integrated business process management suite that includes workflow, reporting, collaboration and knowledge management tools?
  • What if you could gain deeper insights through analytical, multivariant dashboards?
  • What if you could boost productivity with seamless connectors to several client platforms?
  • What if you could improve efficiency and save costs through improved data capture accuracy and productivity?
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