Network Consulting

Harness the full potential of your network infrastructure

Enhance Enterprise-Wide Connectivity

All networks provide the simple but critical ability to share information, yet very few are able to harness its true potential for bringing entire organizations together. Team up with Dell to get the most out of your network. Introduce your organization to a higher level of connectivity by taking advantage of our networking services today. We’ll help you more effectively gain access to data, applications, hardware and other users with these services:

Networking Workshop
Become more informed and able to make confident decisions on where to focus your IT resources with the Dell IT Consulting Networking Workshop. In this half-day collaborative white-boarding session, you’ll have the chance to:
  • Explore tools and techniques to address network and capacity opportunities. 
  • Understand current and future network demands. 
  • Identify new applications, legacy infrastructure, performance degradation, mergers and consolidation.
The engagement will help you accelerate time to value for your next networking project, pinpoint potential time and cost savings and identify next steps for meeting your business goals within your budget.

Wireless Networking
You need a business-class wireless network that will scale as your wireless needs grow. Dell consultants analyze your existing infrastructure and create a complete wireless solution that meets your wireless demands. We offer a full suite of wireless consulting, deployment and management services. Our consultants have extensive wireless networking expertise based on hundreds of customer engagements around the world.

Network performance
You need your network to operate as fast as possible and provide the best application delivery. An optimized network will meet all your performance goals. Dell™ Networking consultants create a complete solution that provides fast and efficient network and application delivery performance. Our network consultants provide end-to-end network and application analysis and performance optimization.

Integrating Dell With Multivendor Networks
Introducing a second networking vendor will reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for most organizations by at least 15 percent to 25 percent over a 5-year time frame.

Improve your network environment
You need reliable and well-designed network architecture to connect your Dell network to your legacy and other existing network environments. Gain the advantages of using open industry standards-based networking and avoid proprietary network solutions that lock you in and cost far too much. Dell consultants can safely integrate your Dell solutions with your legacy network environment and help deliver the cost savings of standards based network solutions.

Network integration with Dell

Say good-bye to single vendor, proprietary network solutions. Dell offers proven expertise using open standards-based networking to design and build networks that interoperate reliably. Our consultants have the extensive Dell product knowledge required to safely and reliably integrate networks using open industry standards.

Benefits of Network Consulting include:
  • Align key elements of your data-center infrastructure with your critical business drivers
  • Streamline network planning, design, optimization, performance tuning and implementation
  • Reduce cabling complexity
  • Reduce power and cooling expenses
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