IT Advisory Services

Reinvent the Way You Provide Support

Whether your IT staffers support a few hundred employees with day-to-day technical support or maintain a complex IT infrastructure that stretches across the globe, they’re under constant pressure. And even with all that effort, they may still lack the tools and processes necessary to anticipate future support needs and identify new opportunities to reduce costs.

Dell IT Advisory Services will provide you with client environment-wide incident and analysis trending so you can identify systemic issues and optimize your operational efficiency. With IT Advisory Services you have a choice between two proactive packages to best suit your IT needs:

  • IT Advisory Strategic Package provides enhanced features such as a designated Technical Account Manager, monthly reporting and analytics.
  • IT Advisory Essential Package is our entry-level offer with a more compact feature set, still delivering proactive reporting and analytics to reduce unplanned downtime, and optimizing operational performance and stability. Features include a designated Technical Account Manager, quarterly reporting, analytics and service overview.

Whether you choose the Essential Package or the Strategic Package, you’ll get access to expert advice that can help you maximize uptime, performance and savings.

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