• Get parts and labor fast — upgrade from next-business-day on-site service, which comes standard with Dell ProSupport, to same-day or mission-critical on-site service
  • Keep client systems up and running, and minimize data center downtime

Mission Critical Data Sheet

Get It Fixed Fast With Dell Support Services

When you need to resolve a hardware problem, you need to do it quickly — and you also need to help keep costs down.

Now you can do both. With Dell ProSupport, next-business-day on-site service is standard — and, if you need even faster response times, you can upgrade to same-day or mission-critical on-site service.
We offer a flexible approach to technical support and allow you to choose the response time you need to support your business. This flexibility helps you not just keep your users up and running, and your data centers operating at top speed, but also enables you to keep your IT budget under control.

Choose the service level that best meets your needs:

  • Next Business Day — Once you go through a telephone-based troubleshooting and diagnostic session, we can dispatch a certified Dell technician to arrive on-site at your business the next business day. This option is included standard with your Dell ProSupport service contract and is available to Dell Basic Hardware Service customers for an additional charge.
  • Same Day — When you depend on your IT systems for time-sensitive operations or critical business functions, same-day on-site response is an ideal upgrade. We will perform phone-based troubleshooting and can then dispatch a Dell-trained technician to your site within four to eight hours, depending on your location, to provide parts and labor support. You can also choose to prioritize resolution by self-identifying escalated severity levels two and three. Dell also provides escalation management services, so you have a single point of contact to handle incident management, escalation and monitoring
  • Mission Critical — To avoid unplanned downtime and reduce recovery time, you can select our most rapid resolution option, Mission Critical. This option can help you get your business up-and-running in minutes, not hours or days, by allowing you to specify high severity levels and request accelerated response times for priority service. With this option, you receive:
    • Two-hour, four-hour or eight-hour on-site parts and labor support, and the ability to self-identify severity levels 1, 2 and 3
    • Emergency dispatch, in parallel with troubleshooting, for issues identified as severity level 1
    • Regular status updates from an assigned escalation manager, who keeps you informed every step of the way
    • Escalation management that provides a single point of contact for incident management, escalation and monitoring
    • Priority parts dispatch, enabling expedited resolution of critical issues¹  


¹ Availability varies; offered as best effort service. For more information, visit www.dell.com/servicedescriptions.