Dell Consulting Services
  • Learn how a reliable, open-source platform can help you lower administrative, licensing and hardware costs 
  • Review your current application architecture and environment
  • Develop a high-level efficient enterprise strategy for your organization

Discover the Possibilities With Linux 

In an uncertain economy, every IT shop has a dual mandate: Increase efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). But what steps do you take? And how can you minimize risk while modifying your infrastructure?

The UNIX® to Linux® Efficient Enterprise Workshop is a great way to find out.

How It Works

Our team begins with an overview of how migrating to an open-source platform can increase reliability and security, how it can set you up to meet future technology innovations and how it can drive down expenses over time.

We then conduct an extensive white-boarding session to detail your specific business and IT requirements. Finally, we discuss specific recommendations, including best practices, IT processes, applications and infrastructure, for maximizing efficiency and lowering costs in your environment.

The UNIX to Linux Efficient Enterprise Workshop includes:

  • Up to a four-hour consultation at Dell or your location 
  • Introduction to the Dell migration methodology 
  • Discussion of your IT business needs and key migration initiatives 
  • Recommendations to improve your enterprise efficiency
  • Written summary of the workshop discussion