Mobile Video Evidence Management

Secure mobile video capture, archiving and retrieval

Law Enforcement personnel are at the forefront of their community every day. Reacting to emergencies, protecting citizens and working tirelessly to prevent dangerous situations inevitably requires a reliable video evidence capture, archival and retrieval system. Dell™ Mobile Video Evidence Management solution is a secure, end-to-end solution that enables secure capture of mobile video and audio evidence based on customer-defined trigger events, automatic wireless uploads to data center(s), and secure, quick and seamless retrieval when needed.

Dell has the end-to-end solution for you — powered by 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Computer Processors.

With prevalidated, innovative technology at both the in-car capture point and the data center store-manage-retrieve point, the Dell Mobile Video Evidence Management Solution allows agencies to:

  • Automatically launch evidence capture through customized trigger box settings or manually as needed
  • Seamlessly transfer and archive evidence to data center(s), based on predefined access permissions and retention policies. Integrated information security technology preserves evidence integrity.
  • Quickly access and retrieve archived evidence streams while capturing clear audit trails
To learn more or get Mobile Video Evidence Management for your agency, contact us. To read Dell's press announcement, click here.
  1. System Configuration

    System Configuration

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