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State and local government budgets are tight, and even the most seasoned IT managers are feeling the pinch. Is too much of your time and money allocated toward supporting IT systems that are outdated, inefficient and costly? Is the high cost of maintaining day-to-day operations taking precedence over strategic technology investments? Are you concerned with increased security threats? Dell can help.

State and local agencies deploying the right technology will save money, boost efficiency and provide a more quality experience for citizens. IT investments are the key, as they enable organizations to increase productivity, provide heightened security and avert cuts in core services.

Dell is an experienced, proven partner in building efficient, forward-thinking government IT operations. We understand what it takes, and where it can take you. We work tirelessly with public agencies, large and small, throughout the United States, to provide the best in IT solutions and services. We can help you with cloud computing, data center virtualization, telework and mobile workforce solutions, cybersecurity and more. And we are fully committed to your agency’s success today and tomorrow.

Success Stories
We’ve worked with state, local and public safety agencies across the U.S. to solve specific IT problems. Our case studies show how the solution you’re considering was put into action — and the results that followed.

Cloud Computing
Virtualization and consolidation is the sure path to data efficiency, which is why cloud computing is a top priority for state and local agencies. Learn more about computing benefits, including automated workflow, self-provisioning and service-level accountability.

Workforce Mobility
Our workforce mobility solutions address remote access challenges for employees who work at different locations, from home or in the field. Reliable, secure and flexible, we’ll help you resolve your new anytime, anyplace access challenges.

Services for State and Local Government
Third-party services are an effective way for state and local agencies to reduce costs while meeting a broad range of IT needs. Dell Services helps your team increase productivity, enhance data management and streamline compliance.
Featured Solutions

Featured Solutions

Dell solutions cohesively combine the old and the new. By maximizing legacy systems while adopting innovations that make sense from a functionality and budget perspective, Dell helps your state agency transform its IT system for today and tomorrow.

Mobile Video Evidence Management

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Industry Perspectives

Industry Perspectives

Trust in state agencies is highly dependent upon accessibility, beginning with a dynamic, reliable infrastructure. At a time when citizens demand more accountability from state government agencies, Dell’s insight and expertise can help.

Industry Insights

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