Storage for Media & Entertainment Workflows

Workflow storage solutions for creative professionals who mean business

As a creative professional, your imagination brings vivid imagery to life. But once your muse makes the leap from mind to machine, it’s time to get down to business, creating media with a file-based workflow built for collaboration and production. That’s where Dell comes in, bringing a rock-solid foundation of enterprise-class storage systems to support the creative craftsmanship of media and entertainment.

Media and entertainment workflow demands are as varied as the content that artists, animators, graphic designers, authors, musicians, journalists, producers and directors create. Your workflows may require render farms with thousands of servers, collaborative editing of feature-length films or long-form dramas, real-time video acquisition and quick-turn play-out for late-breaking news or content distribution from digital libraries. Dell storage solutions support these demands with robust high performance that minimizes the total cost of ownership (TCO), increasing the profitability of content.

Increasing efficiency from studio to server
Today’s media is universally file-based, and you need an efficient way to store and deliver it in the demanding environment of media and entertainment collaborative workflows. The Dell Fluid File System (FluidFS) architecture is designed to thrive in file-intensive workloads, improving storage performance and expanding capacity.

FluidFS, delivered on high-end, enterprise-class Dell hardware, provides an efficient storage platform ideally suited to help you create and deliver media in a 24 X 7 viral world:
  • FluidFS is optimized for environments that use a variety of file sizes, including small files such as low-resolution video, audio, proxies and metadata.
  • Media organizations build libraries of content over time – FluidFS is a scale-out system that allows you to start small and grow to petabyte-class enterprises without disruption.
  • As file-based workflows have become standard, organizations are leveraging a convergence of media and IT. FluidFS is built upon open IT-standards such as NFS, SMB and Ethernet – no proprietary software or protocols required.
  • Budget pressures mean you have to do more with less. FluidFS is coupled with Dell SAN storage features like solid state drives at the price of rotating disks, all-inclusive software licensing and industry-leading storage density – Dell value that drives down TCO.
  • Monetizing media content means having access to it 24 x 7 – Dell storage systems provide enterprise-level redundancy and around-the-clock responsiveness.
Let Dell be your trusted partner for storage with our full-solution offering of storage, servers, workstations, laptops, networking, software, services and support — we can free you to focus on the business of creativity.

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Dell Compellent Video

Important Looking Pirates, a VFX company in Sweden, deployed a Dell Fluid File System solution, comprising a Compellent FS8600 NAS four-node cluster and Dell Compellent Storage Center storage.