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Providing a rich, mobile media experience is a never-ending challenge

Telecommunications consumers take quality of service (QoS) for granted; they notice only when it’s not there or something better takes them away. You constantly have to find new ways to increase customer acquisition and retention by improving and sustaining a great quality of experience (QoE).

Communications service providers (CSPs) should invest in client-oriented IT capabilities and virtualized networks that allow for quick adoption of apps that enable social interactions, span screens and hit the market quickly.

Steps to success:

  • Build an agile, end-to-end IT infrastructure that aligns with the current and future needs of your business.
  • Reduce legacy systems; get lean with agile and cloud services that remove bottlenecks across your enterprise.
  • Work with strategic partners that provide proven solutions to allow incremental legacy transformation.
  • Outsource when it makes sense and saves money, but remain in full control of your architectural and strategic roadmaps as well as your core business components.

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