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  1. Help Me Choose: Backlit Keyboard

    Some Dell laptops are available with an optional backlit keyboard. This means that there is a light underneath the keyboard that illuminates the keyboard.

  2. Help Me Choose: Battery

    It is important to note that battery life is always subject to demands and usage. For extended periods of use away from an outlet, you might want to consider purchasing a second battery for your laptop from Dell.com.

  3. Help Me Choose: Operating Systems

    This article provides recommendations for selecting an operating system for your computer.

  4. Help me choose: Hard drive

    The hard drive is where the operating system, software applications, files and data are stored on a PC.

  5. Help Me Choose: Waves MaxxAudio and JBL Speakers

    Learn more about Waves MaxxAudio 3 and JBL speakers.

  6. Help Me Choose: Speakers and Webcam

    Optional multimedia speakers for your PC deliver full, rich sound to enhance your listening experience for music, games, videos and more.