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  1. Dell Storage Family Portfolio

    Legacy storage architectures have historically been complex and costly with data rigidly coupled to hardware and frequent vendor-induced upgrades of both equipment and software licensing. Architectural limitations required overprovisioning of capacity to meet future SLAs despite the reality of constrained budgets.

  2. German Aerospace Center Stores and Protects Millions of High-Definition Satellite Images on the Scality RING

    The Earth Observation Center in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany uses remote sensing and custom analytic methodologies to tackle tough issues in environmental and climate science, mobility and planning, civil security and the prevention and management of natural catastrophes. The Photogrammetry and Image Analysis department is the main consumer of data storage. The team started with six million files, with many files exceeding one terabyte, and the need to access those files on up to 40 client workstations at once. Each scheduled imaging mission increased the volume of files by multiple terabytes. The growing amount of data, and the need to access files in parallel, which was simply impossible on the existing infrastructure, drove the need for a new storage solution.

  3. Scality Storage-as-a-Service Solution

    Host Europe is a leading provider of web hosting and Internet services for residential and business customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company offers highly resilient infrastructure in the form of dedicated and shared scalable managed hosting solutions for demanding Internet applications. It operates fully recoverable green data centers that use 30% less energy than conventional design. Founded in 1997, it has over 200,000 corporate and private clients, making Host Europe the third-largest hosting provider in the German market. Seeing the evolution of customer needs, Host Europe initiated a cloud storage project in the summer of 2009. The goal was to be able to offer a very cost effective storage solution to both new and existing customers, especially for backup purposes.

  4. ProSupport for Cloud

    Our global support team’s expertise will help resolve your incidents, maximize uptime and simplify management of your cloud solution.

  5. Dell Storage SC8000 Array Spec Sheet

    Enhance your storage efficiency, performance and scalability with the Dell Storage SC8000 array controller. The SC8000 intelligently optimizes drive utilization, reducing total cost of ownership while providing high performance and granular control for large data stores.

  6. Dell Storage Manager Chargeback

    Users demand unlimited growth and peak performance for all of their data because they’re not the ones that foot the bill. This is changing with the use of chargeback storage techniques. By employing chargeback storage tools, IT departments can assign real values to the storage assets that are actually being used by applications and departments, allowing IT to identify and potentially recover the costs of storage.

  7. Dell Storage SC Series Management Suite

    Managing complex storage tasks like live volume, encryption, replication and capacity planning for multi-terabyte SANs at multiple locations or even in a federated environment with more than one interface can be challenging. Operational costs and complexity can grow exponentially as storage capacity increases. Introducing Dell Storage Manager (formerly known as Enterprise Manager) the all encompassing management tool that simplifies SAN administration with an intuitive interface that automates the most common storage tasks. Dell Storage Manager (DSM)1 enables day-to-day management of SC Series and PS Series arrays from a single interface, and delivers centralized management of local and remote environments and tight integration with leading technology providers.

  8. Dell Storage Center Software Suite

    Data has become the fuel that drives business acceleration, making organizations today extremely reliant on data storage. And that makes the storage decision strategic, far-reaching and full of risk. Limited-point products, dead-end growth paths, and bolt-on software applications create rigid boundaries around data storage. With an integrated software feature set, Dell Storage Center enables enterprises of all sizes to move beyond simply storing data to actively, intelligently managing data. Powerful storage software with built-in automation optimizes the provisioning, placement and protection of data throughout its lifecycle.

  9. Dell Storage SC4020 Array Spec Sheet

    Intelligent, self-optimizing array in an affordable, all-in-one form factor. Why choose between cost and competitive advantage? Best-in-class auto-tiering is now the economical choice.

  10. Dell Networking Wireless Quick Reference Guide

    A complete overview of Dell Networking wireless products and solutions.