High Performance Computing - HPC Cluster

Dell™ HPC solutions use best-in-class building blocks, tested and validated by Dell engineers, so you can deploy and start using your IT resources quickly. Our solution architects work hard to understand your environment in terms of functional, technical and operational requirements, so we can integrate complete HPC solutions that can be replicated and employed as world-class cluster architectures.

Making HPC available to all who need it.

High-performance computing (HPC) used to be the domain of specialists using expensive, proprietary equipment. Now commodity-based infrastructures bring affordable HPC tools and strategic advantages to any research organization. Dell is helping to power the revolutionary, life-changing discoveries being made by today’s research computing and life sciences organizations. Dell recognizes that no two customers have exactly the same needs and requirements. Our customized approach to HPC focuses on three areas to achieve faster results by enabling discovery and driving the creation of intellectual property with flexible, modular, market-ready HPC solutions:
  • Collaborating with researchers — Dell collaborates with academic and commercial entities around the world to help create robust HPC systems.
  • Partnering intelligently — We partner with leading HPC technology and application vendors to provide solutions that run the customer’s required workloads effectively.
  • Simplifying solutions — We help remove complexity by offering validated, certified hardware and software solutions that can easily scale up from a departmental to a hyperscale solution.
Dell has a comprehensive list of service offerings that makes the cluster installation deployment easier: Rack Integration, Data Center Deployment, Remote Cluster Management and HPC Cloud Bursting. These services — along with the Dell approach to implementation — can help your company:
  • Define and build a cluster using technology across the Dell product portfolio
  • Reduce administrative costs by simplifying the deployment and administration of clusters
  • Enable focus on your core expertise by simplifying the task of preparing the environment for production
  • Leverage world-class storage and connectivity hardware
  • Use applications and software that have been tested for high performance
Dell HPC solutions can help you improve productivity, decrease costs and ease management of complex cluster environments. With this assurance, you can quickly deploy your solution and begin using your IT resources to solve new, more complex challenges. 

To learn more, have a Dell HPC specialist contact you.