With interest in cloud technology on the rise, having a trusted public cloud service provider has become imperative. More organizations and companies are seeing the great possibilities that cloud technology can offer, particularly:

  • Increased efficiency in automation
  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Improved agility to react to market changes
  • Increased application availability
  • Comprehensive security and compliance controls
  • Reduced energy consumption

Though more companies are turning to the public cloud, many are still apprehensive about migrating their data centers to the cloud, mainly because of the following concerns:

  • Security
  • Perceived lack of control over data
  • Application support of compatibility

Discover how Gratifón, a Panama-based telephone company, overcame these challenges using Dell cloud with VMware® vCloud® Datacenter Services powered by SecureWorks® managed security services.

Gratifón needed a dependable, scalable and cost-efficient server infrastructure to support its telephone kiosks and a rugged, reliable embedded PC for the kiosks that would be able to stand up to high temperatures and humidity. With Dell cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter Services powered by SecureWorks, the telephone company achieved:

  • Savings of about $50,000 on server hardware and $60,000 a year on operating expenses
  • Up to 450,000 calls on 19 Gratifón Kiosk phones in less than three months
  • 40-fold faster setup of new virtual servers in the cloud
  • Same day setup of applications in Dell cloud

Visit www.dell.com/vCloud to learn more about what Dell cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter Services can do for you.