Business Process Outsourcing

Getting things done is no longer enough. You have to do the job right and do more with less.

Dell Business Process Services can help you identify business process inefficiencies and implement effective solutions. With our extensive experience and market-leading automation technologies for the healthcare, insurance and other industries, Dell can help you: 
  • Streamline operations
  • Improve productivity
  • Ensure compliance
  • Put valuable resources to better use
  • Keep business moving round the clock
  • Reduce costs
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  1. Payer Claims and Policy Administration

    Payer Claims and Policy Administration

    Stay ahead of rising costs and changing healthcare reforms with outsourced claims and policy administration services from Dell.

  2. Provider Revenue Cycle Management

    Provider Revenue Cycle Management

    Let Dell revenue cycle management and business process consulting services transform your operations. We can help you reduce payroll costs, ensure administrative efficiency, increase revenue, and improve physician and patient satisfaction.


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    Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth prepares for ICD-10 compliance with help from Dell Services


    Large hospital teams up with the Dell Healthcare Management Consulting Practice Group to collaborate on ensuring ICD-10 compliance and reduce financial risk.

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    Health Net Connect teams with Dell OEM Solutions to deliver their product on a global scale


    Telemedicine provider gains global scale virtually overnight for its patient-monitoring system by engaging Dell OEM solutions. Doing so helped cut months from its time-to-market and avoided $20 million in payroll.

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    Kittitas Valley Healthcare gains efficiency by placing its EHR solution on the Dell Secure Healthcare Cloud


    Rural hospital finds new clinical and operating efficiencies, as well as better continuity in delivering primary patient care to its community, by placing their EHR system securely in Dell’s cloud.

  4. payer-solutions-improving-business-healthcare-breakthrough-solutions-increase-efficiency.pdf

    Payer Solutions: Improving the Business of Healthcare with Breakthrough Solutions that Increase Business Efficiency

    Dell offers solutions that can help simplify payer operations; improve efficiency, flexiblity; and respond to the needs of members, business partners and the healthcare community.

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    Dell Extended Billing Office for Medical Billing Companies - Data Sheet

    Dell helps medical billing customers increase profits with cost-efficient outsourcing.

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    Revenue Cycle Management for Physician Practices

    Dell Services can help you optimize your revenue cycle to provide the resources needed to care for patients, while positioning your practice for the future.

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    Dell Services for pharmaceutical and medical device companies


    Dell Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has developed a suite of offerings designed specifically for medical device and pharmaceutical enterprise. This datasheet provides an overview of the services, which build brand loyalty through improved customer engagement and cut administration costs by 25 –30 percent.

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    When Hurricane Sandy flooded its Lower Manhattan headquarters in October 2012, EmblemHealth contacted Dell to provide 900 Latitude laptops in less than two weeks to help get about 700 displaced employees working again.

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    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Health Insurance Connector Authority


    The Connector breaks new ground in providing access to affordable health insurance for Massachusetts residents.

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    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care


    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care improves efficiency with component-based architecture


  1. Discrete Function Outsourcing Services

    Discrete Function Outsourcing Services

    “Do more with less.” It’s a common refrain in a challenging economy. Yet increased global competition means that you also need to launch new and innovative products to stay ahead.

  2. Life Insurance Product Support

    Life Insurance Product Support

    With outsourced product support from Dell Services, we can help you adapt to newer technology platforms — while also delivering more value to your customers.

  3. LifeSys Policy Processing System

    LifeSys Policy Processing System

    With the LifeSys processing system from Dell Services, you can consolidate all of your operations into a single platform.

  4. Insurance Administrative Services

    Insurance Administrative Services

    With outsourced policy administration services from Dell, you can become more efficient and competitive while staying ahead of escalating costs.


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    Life Insurance


    Learn how Dell Insurance Services can help you manage yor business, while helping you plan for future growth.

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    Insurance Data Entry Services Data Sheet

    Dell Insurance Services provide the flexible data entry services you need. We perform data entry on incoming life, health and annuity applications, as well as other policy documents.

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    Insurance Imaging and Indexing Services Data Sheet

    Dell's imaging and indexing services provide insurance companies with the flexibility to handle scalability, cost and business continuity concerns.

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    HealthMarkets gains business flexibility by partnering with Dell Services


    To help manage unpredictable spikes in workflow, and recoup time and money to transform its operations, an insurance company engaged Dell Services for business process outsourcing to lower claims processing costs by 40% and call-center costs by 57%.

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    Insurance Staff Augmentation Solutions Data Sheet

    Dell Services Insurance Staff Augmentation Solutions helps you manage operational challenges with flexible staffing.

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    Dell Life Insurance BPO Services — Unclaimed Property Data Sheet

    Dell’s Unclaimed Property service compares your customer database against the SSA’s death master file, identify deceased insureds and perform other critical services.


  1. Procurement Services

    Procurement Services

    Take advantage of Dell’s global staff, resources, infrastructure and experience to handle your core procurement functions.

  2. Knowledge Processing Outsourcing and Analytics

    Knowledge Processing Outsourcing and Analytics

    Dell Services can help you improve customer insights, maximize the returns, optimize supply chain and prevent credit card fraud.

  3. Finance and accounting

    Finance and accounting

    Improve cash flow, lower transaction processing costs and help ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley through market-leading solutions, and our data capture and business processing centers worldwide.

  4. Customer service

    Customer service

    Effective multichannel customer support is critical to the success of your company. Dell can help you integrate fragmented systems to provide exceptional support for your customers, whether they contact you via phone, email, website or social media.


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    Dell™ Finance and Accounting Business Process Services

    Dell provides services that can help you improve your F&A operations using a standardized set of shared processes.

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    Dell Front-Office Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

    Dell Front-Office Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions provide a wide range of services and also enables customers take advantage of our global infrastructure, domain expertise and leading technology to help them handle core customer service functions.

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    Dell Services Contact Center Solutions

    Reduce costs, improve service and increase customer satisfaction by transforming your contact center with Dell Services Contact Center Solutions.

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    Ecommerce Services for the Mid-Market Data Sheet

    Dell provides a full set of technology and process solutions to help you achieve your ecommerce goals.

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    Dell d'Dragon E-commerce Business Solution-Data Sheet

    Dell d’Dragon provides just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing and inventory management, tightly integrated with supply chain partners.

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    Finance and Accounting Process Assessment


    Reduce costs and improve productivity and service through a comprehensive assessment of your finance and accounting processes.

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    Order to Cash Processing Services


    Accelerate revenue cycles, optimize cash flow and enhance customer relationships with order-to-cash processing solutions.

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    Procure to Pay Processing Services


    Reduce your transaction-processing costs and accelerate your financial settlement cycles.

  9. Order-to-Cash-Processing



    Dell introduces Order-to-Cash Processing, which includes credit analysis, billing, cash application, collections, and general ledger posting and reporting.

  10. Creating Sustainable Value

    Creating Sustainable Value: Outsourcing Finance and Accounting Processes


    Dell provides a variety of high value-added services focused on information technology, application development and maintenance, business processes and engineering services support.

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    Finance and Accounting Overview Brochure


    Reduce costs, optimize operational efficiencies and redirect vital resources to business-building core competencies with Finance and Accounting Business Process Solutions from Dell Services.

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    Procure to Pay Processing Overview Brochure


    Improve your bottom line profitability — reduce transaction-processing costs and accelerate financial settlement cycles for optimal payment terms with automated procure-to-pay solutions.


  1. Dell Business Process Management Suite

    Process improvement and consulting

    Enhance processes and achieve compliance with international standards and models, including ISO 9001 and Six Sigma.

  2. Process Improvement and Consulting

    Dell Business Process Management Suite

    Get the tools to drive greater productivity and better outcomes from your outsourced team.