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Products & services for End-User Systems Management

Our client systems management technologies provide automation in all stages of the PC lifecycle: configuration and deployment, monitoring and updating.

Learn more about the Dell automated tools available for each stage:


  • Dell Driver CABs provide prepackaged drivers for OS deployment. A single, customized file eliminates the tedious search required to download platform drivers. They are available for the last five generations of Dell commercial client systems.
  • Client Configuration Toolkit (CCTK) is a simple tool to configure BIOS and TPM for your entire fleet before OS deployment. This flexible BIOS configuration enables you to build reusable templates to automate deployment.


  • OpenManage Client Instrumentation (OMCI) gives you deep insights into your PC fleet. It enables you to remotely monitor client inventory and health - including hard drive health - to prevent failures before they occur.
  • Updating Dell Update Catalog gives you customized updates, packaged and delivered to you, ready for automated deployment through Microsoft System Center Update Publisher and Dell KACE integration.
  • Dell Client System Update (DCSU) enables IT professionals in noncentrally managed environments to easily install updates in one click, or with scheduled downloads. This simplifies the process of keeping systems up to date with the latest BIOS, drivers and firmware.
  • Dell Repository Manager pairs with Dell Client System Update (DCSU) to provide a central location for system updates. You get ultimate control of a local repository for the BIOS, driver and firmware updates that are important to you. This also eliminates the need for each system to access the internet for updates.

Managing across your PC lifecycle

  • Dell Client Integration Pack (DCIP) is a set of integrated tools to manage Dell clients in a Microsoft SCCM 2007 or 2012 environment. These tools reduce the number of tedious client systems management steps: 77 percent (17) fewer steps to import drivers, 55 percent (6) fewer steps to import WinPE drivers, 46 percent (6) fewer steps to task sequences.1 You can find out more in this white paper.
  • Dell Intel vPro extensions give you one-to-many, out-of-band remote BIOS management, battery management and hard drive wipe capability. They save you time by enabling you to update all systems at once - whether those systems are powered on or off.

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