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Contracts & Compliance

Making technology procurement easier for federal agencies

Dell understands that buying new technology can be a complex process for federal agencies. In fact, without the right information, the process of procuring your new IT system could be much more complicated than the selection process.
We’ve put together this page of resources to help you meet the federal government’s procurement requirements, including:

  • Purchasing contracts
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Certifications
Use these resources to find Dell solutions and services that meet your agency’s specific guidelines.
  Federal Government Contracts and Compliance
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 We can help streamline the procurement process, while maintaining regulatory compliance.
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  Contract Availability and Pricing
It’s true that federal agencies are
only able to purchase approved
technology, but luckily, our
services, software and hardware
products are on many federal
purchasing schedules, including
Government-wide Acquisition
Contracts (GWACs). Find your
agency’s contract type on
this list, and choose the approved
technology that’s right for you.
Find the right approved technology.
Dell Inc. is a global business
with a global clientele, which
is why we are committed to
compliance with the laws and
regulations in each country
into which the company ships
our products. From product
safety to electromagnetic
compatibility, Dell products
are designed and tested to
meet worldwide standards.