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Meeting the need for mission-critical cybersecurity

Cyberattacks on sensitive and mission-critical government information continue to threaten U.S. national and economic security, making cybersecurity top-of-mind for your federal agency. But protecting against cyberthreats can be challenging for a number of reasons:
  • The number of attacks and level of sophistication is escalating.
  • The technologies that need protecting tend to be varied, complex and in multiple locations.
  • Existing security solutions are often tactically developed and implemented within siloed technology stacks, rather than strategically deployed across the enterprise.
  • Budgetary and personnel resources required are often constrained.
  • Regulatory compliance requirements add another layer of complexity.
Our security solutions for federal agencies work together from deep within the data center out to the farthest remote device and all along the networks and the cloud. As a result, our technology can provide full-spectrum visibility and share context-aware intelligence, enabling you to adapt to ever-changing threats and regulations, while continuously strengthening security across the agency.
Our security solutions for federal government provide these key benefits: We focus on providing you with rapid time-to-value, superior ease of use and unmatched flexibility to provide mission-critical security that is fundamentally better — an integrated, end-to-end solution that closes the gaps created by legacy and point products, connecting security across agencies for context–aware intelligence security.
Contact a Dell federal government expert to find out how our federal cybersecurity solutions can guard against threats across your whole organization, enabling your users to be productive anytime, anywhere.
  1. Network Security Solutions & Software

    Robust intrusion prevention, malware protection, application intelligence, real-time traffic visualization, and inspection for SSL–encrypted sessions.

  2. Secure Mobile Access

    With Dell™ secure mobile access solutions, you can offer your employees and extranet business partners SSL VPN access to resources from virtually any endpoint.

  3. Email Security Software & Solutions

    Protect organizations from viruses, spam and other attacks using multi-threat detection techniques, attack identification, monitoring network.

  4. Endpoint Security

    Endpoint Security Solution for Endpoint Encryption, Enpoint Management and Compliance, Endpoint Encryption and Data Protection

  5. Endpoint Management

    Dell Software solutions for endpoint management can help you simplify management of a diverse array of endpoint systems.

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    Dell Software Solutions for Identity and Access Management in Government


    Connected Security for FICAM and SICAM with Dell One Identity Solutions Abstract

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    Solving the Security Puzzle


    How Government Agencies Can Mitigate Today’s Threats

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    The Human Factor at the Core of Federal Cybersecurity


    Cyber hygiene and organizational planning are at least as integral to securing information networks as firewalls and antivirus software.

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    Reducing Risk & Improving Reliability for Federal Agencies


    The amount of data federal agencies manage and collect continues to grow. Data replication and integration tools help manage this data, keeping it accurate and secure.

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    Consistency Keeps Your Agency’s Data Secure


    When it comes to data security, it’s not a matter of IF something will go wrong it’s a matter of WHEN. Regardless of your agency’s mission, GRC software puts consistent systems in place that keep your data secure and your agency in compliance with federal mandates.