Cyber Security for Federal Government

Cyber Threats
Dell Connected Security: complete lifecycle data protection from endpoint to cloud.

The intensity of cyberthreats against federal government agencies has made cyber security the top priority among federal CIOs. Dell Connected Security helps you meet this formidable challenge with confidence and clarity. Our security products and services portfolio include industry leading solutions from Quest, SonicWALL, WYSE, KACE and SecureWorks, delivering complete data protection from the endpoint, through the data center, and into the cloud.Whether you need data security everywhere—or you need to protect against network cyberattacks—Dell’s comprehensive solutions are tailored to meet the specific and unique needs of the Federal agencies.

Dell’s Connected Security portfolio is divided into three categories:
  • EMBED: Integrating security into products at the time of development.
  • PROTECT: Providing threat detection and risk mitigation solutions that address security from the endpoint through the cloud.
  • RESPOND: Monitoring and quickly responding to breaches to eradication threats and provide forensic analysis.

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Embed    Integrating security directly into products at the time of development.
• Dell Client Cloud Computing: Dell WYSE thin and zero client systems meet all federal specifications, and with no disk drives, are virtually immune to attacks and malware.
Supply Chain Assurance: A pioneer in supply chain management, we provide superior security, integrity and policies from the point of manufacture.
Biometrics Smart Center: Advanced authentication options including fingerprint readers, signature analysis, facial recognition and retinal scanning. Featured in our Latitude 10 tablet.
Signed BIOS/Custom BIOS: Our endpoint BIOS security measures meet NIST standards to help protect system BIOS from malicious attacks.
Trusted Platform Module: A hardware-based solution discourages attacks by hackers looking to capture passwords and encryption keys.
SecureView Support: Configuration and services support next-generation, multi-level security workstation technology.
Protect    Providing threat detection and risk mitigation solutions that address security from the endpoint device through the cloud. 
Dell Data Protection-Encryption (DDP-E): Dell is the only company today offering FIPS 140-2 Level 3 data-at-rest encryption.
Quest Identity and Access Management: Leverage powerful IAM tools to simplify management while solidify security.
KACE Endpoint System Management: Simplify endpoint security with this fully integrated systems management appliance.
SonicWALL Network Security: Protect your network with next-generation firewall and VPN solutions.
SecureWorks Counter-Threat Unit Intelligence Services: Industry recognized leaders in countermeasure development against cyberthreats.
SecureWorks Managed Security Services: Providing critical management across the network, while meeting compliance requirements.
Desktop Virtualization Solutions for Government: Ensuring secure, efficient anywhere access to data and applications from any device.

Respond    Monitoring and quickly responding to breaches to eradication threats and provide forensic analysis.

• SecureWorks Incident Response: Leverage industry experts to rapidly contain and eliminate cyberthreats.
SecureWorks Security & Risk Consulting: Improve your security posture, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency through expert analysis.
Digital Forensics Consulting: Determine your best way to protect the digital chain of custody with industry best practices.