Trading Floor Simplification

Turn down the heat, turn up productivity

Traditional electronic trading floor configurations can actually disrupt productivity. Multiple PC towers crowd brokers’ workspace, creating heat and data risks — and significant loss of revenue during an outage, repair or relocation.

Our partnered Trading Floor Simplification solution calms your brokers’ workplace. It improves security and reduces downtime by locating heavy-duty computing processes away from the trading floor — without compromising your team’s experience or your IT software build. Equipped with a mouse, keyboard and small, stateless zero-client device, brokers can get the information they need, rendered instantly in high fidelity on up to four monitors at a time.

The result of our partnership with Amulet Hotkey™, Trading Floor Simplification relies on an integrated host card that off-loads the video compression and encryption, enabling high-performance transmission of images by PC-over-IP® (PcoIP®). Trading Floor Simplification can help you:
  • Reduce heat, noise and security risks
  • Minimize downtime when repairs are needed
  • Streamline IT deployment and management
  • Boost application performance and reduce latency
  • Comply with disaster recovery regulations
  • Provide a quality desktop experience, including multimedia support
This is also an environmentally friendly solution, thanks to blades’ low power draw and cooling costs.

Calm your trading floor operations. Have Dell contact you.

PC-over-IP and PCoIP are registered trademarks of Teradici Corporation.
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