Key Technologies

We can simplify a seemingly complex world of constantly emerging technologies. Contact Dell and we’ll help you increase your speed and work more efficiently with our best-in-class solutions:
  • Dell Processor Acceleration Technology — Minimize processor latency and reduce “jitter” and you’ll make better offers faster, get better prices, reduce slippage on trades and beat the competition to market.
  • High-Performance Database Solution — Analyze operational risk and reduce cycle time with our accelerated database processing solution, purpose-built for the banking and securities industries.
  • Cloud computing — Move your IT operations to the cloud securely and improve your productivity, work quality, available resources and hardware maintenance.
  • Mobility — Join the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement. Your customers expect it and it will help you and your employees work more efficiently.
  • Security — Protect your business from internal and external security threats and competitive forces while staying up to date with modern technologies.
  • Storage — Turn your Big Data into a competitive advantage. Don’t just store your data — gather business intelligence from it and increase your profits.
  • Virtualization — Work more efficiently with our enterprise and client virtualization solutions. Run multiple virtual systems and applications from a single server, and reduce costs, save energy and improve security with our thin, zero and cloud end-point solutions.
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