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Deploying Power and Cooling Technology

  1. Power Efficiency “How To” for the Dell PowerEdge Server Portfolio

    30 Mar 2012

    Use online tools and supporting guidelines to help you choose Dell PowerEdge 12th-generation servers for optimal power efficiency in your data center. Learn configuration tweaks to save power that have minimal or no impact on server performance.

  2. Don't Bake Your Network Switches

    03 Mar 2012

    Discover some of the probable causes of network switch failure in your data center, and learn how to prevent your network switch products from overheating by considering several thermal management options from Dell.

  3. Dynamic Control Optimizes Facility Airflow Delivery

    01 Mar 2012

    Learn how you can optimize data center cooling using Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart racks with under-floor pressure control. Discover options for aisle containment that help minimize airflow delivery, save energy and reduce cooling capital costs.

  4. Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart Containment Rack Deployment Guide

    09 Sep 2011

    Learn how to deploy the Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart Containment Rack Enclosure in your data center to help significantly improve the efficiency of raised-floor cooling.

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