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Education Data Management

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Teachers and administrators alike are using technology to improve student outcomes and bring their schools into the digital age. But this can result in too much data and not enough information with vital records housed in various formats across diverse systems. Districts need a way to access that high-value data and use it to track student progress, improve operational efficiency and meet government reporting requirements.

Dell™ Education Data Management (EDM), developed in collaboration with Intel, is an integrated technology solution that enables districts to capture, store and use actionable data.

With EDM, school districts can:

  • Deliver longitudinal data systems: Districts can track student progress from prekindergarten through college and into the workforce.
  • Personalize learning: Teachers can gain insight into the needs of individual students, take action to enhance and improve outcomes, and identify those who are at risk.
  • Improve operations: Administrators can analyze academic, financial, HR and other institutional data, create more accurate reports and optimize operations.
  • Foster teacher collaboration: Teachers can share information and work together to help students and improve teaching practices.

Key components of Dell’s EDM system include:

  • Master data management/data governance: A set of processes and technologies that collect, store, integrate and distribute critical data across an organization’s information systems, applications and business processes. Disciplined governance ensures that data is of high quality.
  • Data warehousing: A secure, integrated repository of district data designed specifically for querying and reporting.
  • Education intelligence: A set of services that deliver data through role-based dashboards, scorecards and reports to impact instructional practices and business operations, while providing the basis for timely analytics and informed decisions.
  • Education data portal: A self-service site for users to access and process the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.
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Intel Dell Solutions
Dell EDM Readiness Assessment                                          Dell EDM Readiness Assessment

                                          For determining whether your institution currently has all the resources 
                                          needed to deploy a successful Education Data Management solution, this
                                          assessment is a logical and comprehensive first step. For more information, contact
                                          your Dell representative or email us at

Dell EDM Workshop                                          Dell EDM Workshop

                                          To help you learn more about Dell’s EDM solutions and to gather information to 
                                          develop an actionable program plan, our experts can host an in-depth, half-day
                                          EDM Workshop on your site. For more information, talk to your Dell
                                          representative or contact us at

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    A new approach is turning data management away from silos and toward a future of on-demand, actionable insights.

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    Education Data Management (EDM) Workshop from Dell: The First Step to a Successful EDM Program

    Explore how your organization can successfully implement and manage a high-value EDM program in this half-day workshop, provided by Dell™ at no cost.