Cooling and Containment Technologies

Cooling Should Match and Respond to Consumption

Evolve your power and cooling environment from the complex to the ideal.

complex power and cooling environment raises such issues as:

  • Lack of containment — Without containment, there is no control over where air travels, resulting in hot spots and waste from over provisioning.
  • Trial and error deployment — You’re not totally confident about where to put that next server. Analytical modeling such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) may help.

A simplified power and cooling environment provides some benefits:

  • Loose aisle containment (cold or hot) — In this scenario, hot spots and bypass even out, allowing for increased density. Dell™ Services can help you decide the containment solution that best meets your facility’s needs.
  • Trial and error greatly diminished — Analytical modeling needs are not as critical; CFD modeling helps ensure adequate flow at the aisle level.
  • Less tuning required Compared to the complex scenario, aisle flow may match or slightly exceed consumption.
  • Tighter rack containment — This idealizes the separation. Dell is developing rack systems to take advantage of this area.

 The ideal power and cooling environment gives the best results:

  • Opengate Data Systems — Active chimney can feed rack airflow needs to air-handling units to match IT consumption.
  • Liebert SmartAisle™ — Cold aisle containment with simple control strategy adjusts local air handlers to approximate aisle consumption.
  • Dell rack containment — Our containment uses raised floor pressure to trigger air handler adjustments to equate volumetric delivery.

Complete the hot/cold aisle segregation strategy with a containment solution. Your business will reap the advantage of efficiency increases and more predictable IT deployment. With the ideal containment, your company will maximize efficiency and optimize the capital expense of your cooling coil units for a bottom-line impact.


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